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Automatic Wheel Unbalance Measuring Station 420 RBLR - Schenck in Malaysia

• Fully automatic unbalance measuring machine in modular design, suitable for both unbalance- and control measurement
• WINDOWS 10 based measuring device CAB 950W with display and documentation of the measurement results in in different planes as well as calculation of the static part of the unbalance
• Working range 14" - 24"
• Shortest cycle-times < 10sec
• Optional marking unit for unbalance marking in both compensation planes
• Ergonomic operating concept
• Installation without foundation
• Integrated safety fence
• Quick and uncomplicated installation & commissioning

Range of application

The automatic wheel unbalance measuring station type 420RBLR is used for the automatic measurement of dynamic unbalance on complete car wheels in both steel and light metal versions. The machine determines the unbalance of wheels in single-batches under production conditions in chained mode.
Therefore the wheels are horizontally transported by the interlinking conveyor system into the machine and placed on the measuring spindle by means of a lifting table. A high-precision clamping device fixes and centers the wheel for the subsequent measuring run.



• Machine bed designed for subcritical operation, for unbalance measurement in two planes
• Balancing unit: Patented leaf spring dynamometer for highest sensitivity and frequency selectivity through extremely subcritical tuning and constructively separate degrees of freedom for the determination of the unbalance torque and the static component. Especially suitable for the geometric pre-setting.
• Two SV16 electrodynamic vibration sensors, designed as robust moving coil system
• Electromechanically driven lifting unit
• Measuring and control cabinet
• Pneumatic control system
• Safety-housing

Special features

• No foundation required! The SCHENCK measuring system allows the installation on a standard industrial floor of 250 mm thickness without special foundation.
• Single Master Calibration: The SCHENCK Single Master Calibration allows to recover all wheel calibrations with just one master wheel calibration. The specific wheel calibrations are attributed to the geometry data of the master wheel therefore the individual wheel types do not need to be recalibrated.
• Automatic index error checking and calibration during production
• Clamping technology: Low-maintenance slide bush tooling for individual clamping diameters or optional universal, high-precision, backlash-free 10-jaw chuck for clamping range 54-84mm with flat pull function for realistic clamping like on the vehicle

Technical data
Data at a glance           
Working Range           
Wheel weight max.  [kg]  50       
Wheel outer diamater  [mm]  550 - 900       
Wheel width  [mm]  130 - 350       
Rim diameter  [inch]  14 - 24       
Rim width  [inch]  3,5 - 14       
Rim offset  [mm]  0 - 120       
Material    Steel, Alloy       
Number processable tyre wheel combinations    9999       
Width  [mm]  1700       
Depth  [mm]  3000       
Height  [mm]  2500       
Feed-in height/discharge height  [mm]  1250       
Total net weight  [kg]  2500       
Power supply    400V 3-Ph, 50Hz       
Total connected load  [kVA]  10       
PLC type    Siemens F1500 TIA       
Compressed air consumption  [m³ i.N. pro h]  10       
Compressed air supply pressure  [bar]  ≥ 6       
Noise level  [dB(A)]  ≤ 80       
Machine color    RAL 7035 (SCHENCK-Standard)       
Control Cabinet           
Width  [mm]  600       
Depth  [mm]  1200       
Height  [mm]  2000       
Cycle time           
unbalance measurement  [s]  8,5 - 12